Will there be mbone ?

Yep, it'll be M-boned. --Susan Harris

Did you even get wb and wbimport running so people could give you
postscript files and use wb rather than a blurry and faded image of
the overhead projector? Projecting the same thing from a VGA driven
projection TV would be better for people in the room than the plastic
things and the overhead too.


When can we start having virtual meetings *just* like that? And avoid

What would probably help out if this were to happen is to have the funds
to effectively host the meeting in a TV studio. Proper lighting, multiple
cameras allowing viewers to see slides, speaker, and audience would help
make the MBone more usable IMHO. The other (more difficult) problem
would be the signal to noise ratio across the net.

what would make the mbone useful would be 20 times the bandwidth to europe,
asia, the pacific, ... it is effectively useless two hops off the big us