Will reverting DNS wildcard have any adverse affects?

I have confidence in the bind patch not breaking bind when Verisign
reverts back, but there were some pretty rash suggestions when the
sitefinder service first came online. (Paul, bind won't break when this
goes back to normal will it?)

  ask yourself how many DNS admins are going to go pull out
  the "-delegation" stanzas from their configs? Or that
  will use them to lie about other delegations that use wildcards
  as long as that code is still available? ...

  someone should write up a FAQ now, describing how to troubleshoot
  DNS anomolies that will arise as a result of this code being in
  the wild. IMHO, its going to be a -long- time before this "feature"
  is eradicated from the deployed base. :frowning:

Gerald Coon


And what possible problems are you expecting with leaving
zone "com" { type delegation-only; };
zone "net" { type delegation-only; };
in the configuration?

They should be delegation-only in any case, shouldn't they?


At some point in the future you might think back on this as someone
who said, "What possible problems would there be in hard-coding this
list of bogon filters? should be reserved, shouldn't it?"


IP space might have been given out sooner or later.

Probability that "com" and "net" users will agree on having wildcard
there (like in "museum") is in a close proximity to zero.