WiFi Hot Spot Billing Software


Over the last month, I have been working in vain with a company to get their billing software working with our radius gear (Colubris). Since this software company's support leaves something to be desired, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for software we could use.

Some of the requirments:

- Must be able to process Credit Card Payments
- Ability to tie seamlessly into Colubris and Cisco Aironet gear
- Needs to handle different billing groups (unlimited group, $2/hr group, etc)
- Tiering the groups (charging different amounts at different times of the day)
- Needs to be customizeable, i.e. Webpage customer sees when logging in
- Must run under *nix.
- Support for program must be in a timely manner - no leaving voice mail and not getting a response back, or getting an email back 12+ hours later when the system is down!

There are a couple more, but these are the deal breakers.




Eric Whitehill wrote: