Why does Sprint have address filters again?

> >
> > > [ Karl asks a bunch of cogent questions and then scares the shit out of
> > > me by following up with: ]
> > > > [This is a request as an ARIN AC member, who has tried to get a lot of
> > > > these kinds of questions answered from officers and trustees of ARIN]
> > >
> > > Would it be out of line for me to ask why you are having so much
> > > difficulty _getting_ answers to these questions that you need to ask
> > > them here? This whole ARIN thing is starting to smell somewhat like the
> > > InterNIC does...
> >
> > ARIN has asserted that individual members (and in fact individual AC members)
> > don't have a right to have these types of questions answered.
> ARIN has NEVER asserted that members or individuals have no right to
> have these types of questions answered.

Should I repost the list of questions I've sent through the AC list (without
answer) to NANOG Kim?

That's up to you and the rest of the AC, it's their mailing list.


Actually, no, its not up to the AC.

My questions are mine, and nobody other than myself controls the distribution
of same.

I will, however, do them the <courtesy> of asking if they believe it is
appropriate to request input not just from the membership, but also from
NANOG, and whether or not anyone objects to my posting my question and
reform-of-bylaw proposals to NANOG.

Comments, AC members (yes, in public, please reply to both lists)?

I have no problems with any proposals for ARIN being discussed in public
on other mailing lists. In fact I prefer a wide range of input to ARIN
policymaking which is why I frequently discuss ARIN related stuff on other
lists even though most of the list members are non-members of ARIN.

The more minds we have looking at a policy proposal, the less likely it is
for one person to bully the AC into recommending flawed policies.