Why do some ISP's have bandwidth quotas?

I'm not talking about "the next newfangled app that came along 8 years
ago." That's what P2P is.

P2P, as it currently exists, is a network-killer app, but not really the
sort of killer app that I'm talking about.

The World Wide Web was a killer app. It transformed the Internet in a
fundamental way.

Instant messaging was a killer app. It changed how people communicated.

VoIP and YouTube are somewhat less successful killer apps, and that "less
successful" is at least partly tied into some of the issues at hand here.

We're starting to see the (serious) distribution of video via the Internet,
and I expect that one possible outcome will be a system of TiVo-like video
delivery without the complication of a subscription to a cable or satellite
provider's choice of "package". This would allow the sourcing of content
from many sources. It could be that something akin to "video podcasting"
is the next killer app, in other words.

Or it could be time for something completely different.

... JG