Why choose 120 volts?

>> C2G 1ft Monitor Power Adapter Cord - 18 AWG - IEC320C14 to NEMA 5-15R - 03147 - Monitor Cables & Adapters - CDW.com

> Great, you're the latest person to invent a way to present a 5-15R that
> offers something besides 120VAC. This is neither new nor novel, but it
> *is* dangerous and risky, and in no way "solves the problem."

No, this does NOT present 208v at a 5-15R. Don't believe me, buy one and
put a voltmeter across it.

I _don't_ believe you, because we've put a voltmeter across it. I know
a number of cages where someone has extended a 208 or 240V service using
a monitor power adapter, a 5-15 extension cord, and an ordinary 5-15
outlet strip; the smart people put a BIG WARNING STICKER on it because
they know that the voltage present isn't 120. The dumb ones are unaware
of what they've done and figure "my laptop works so all is good".

I'll leave the FUD to others.

... and move right on to outright misstatements?

... JG

No, statements based on personal experience. I -fully- expected to get 208v out of them, but in testing didn't.

Perhaps the ten I ordered were unique. Or perhaps I don't know how to operate a VOM, or perhaps I'm full of sh!t.

I didn't expect this to generate such an uproar...but I forgot this is nanog. :wink:


Note that it is also perfectly possible and reasonable to use IEC 320
C13 PDUs for 120V service. You may have unknowingly used the monitor
adapter on a 120V feed, having assumed that C13 == 208/240, when it
doesn't necessarily mean that.