Why can't I default Originate?

  Cisco 7206VXR
  Version 12.2(15)T2

router#sh run | b bgp
  router bgp 65011
   no synchronization
   bgp log-neighbor-changes
   bgp confederation identifier 12345
   bgp confederation peers 65001 65021
   bgp deterministic-med
   bgp dampening
   network mask
   neighbor Confed-Peer-Group peer-group
   neighbor Confed-Peer-Group update-source FastEthernet1/1
   neighbor Confed-Peer-Group next-hop-self
   neighbor Confed-Peer-Group version 4
   neighbor Confed-Peer-Group soft-reconfiguration inbound
   neighbor Confed-Peer-Group filter-list 2 in
   neighbor Confed-Peer-Group filter-list 1 out
   neighbor remote-as 65001
   neighbor peer-group Confed-Peer-Group
   neighbor password 7 05211F2C105211F2C1666B
   neighbor remote-as 65001
   neighbor peer-group Confed-Peer-Group
   neighbor password 7 05211F2C105211F2C1666B
   no auto-summary

router#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

router(config)#router bgp 65011

router(config-router)#neighbor default-originate
% Invalid command for a peer-group member

According to Cisco:
All members of a peer group must share identical outbound announcement policies (such as distribute-list, filter-list, and route-map), except for default-originate, which is handled on a per-peer basis even for peer group members.

I've also tried to apply to the peer group. The command is accepted, but no default origination of 0/0 is advertised to the peer(s).
Thanks in advanced for any help,


After you applied default-originate to peer-group, have you done soft-clear of your bgp session?

It usually takes a little while for changes in config to propagate, unless you force an update using soft clear...


As I recall, making changes to a peer-group outbound
policy will require all of the peer-group members to
reset (or at least the peer-group leader). Until that
reset happens, a soft clear to a follower session will
only re-send the output of the previously calcluated

I seem to remember this as an undocumented feature...

-David Barak