whois.internic.net problems?

Anyone know what is up with whois.internic.net? It seems to be having serious problems.

When using a command line whois, it either hangs "forever" or gets a connection refused.
About 1 time in 5 can I get a query to work. I have tried it from both our local systems
and a hosted server we use and get the same results. When trying to report bogus
registration data using http://reports.internic.net/cgi/rpt_whois/rpt.cgi, I get
"Unable to connect to registry whois, please try later" most of the time.

Anyone have any idea what gives? Are they getting DDOSed or something?

Jon K.

Good question. I've been seeing similar results command line, and
additionally I've noted some problems with the web-based whois as well.

/Alex Kiwerski