Whoa; the 3 network?

IMHO the 3, 10, and 32 networks are just the tip of
the iceberg. Speaking from both sides(15 years networking
as well as similar time doing applications), NAT, SOCKS,
etc, are only pushing out the inevitable window.

Networking professionals need to be actively promoting to
applications vendors(and yes Virgina, I am internally) the
inherent evils that all too commonly come with private
address space. When applications clash with reserved
address space, all pay.

Consider the outsourcing companies, some of whom I've visited.

Many companies are using private space already, most of
whom are outside of the USA. Applications specifically written
utilizing IP addresses, regardless of DNS space, etc, are
prolific alover the place. As a result, any technology
utilized by major, or minor ISP's will have a potential
dangerous side effect, when things like DoS are concerned.
Why? Because when you run a NOC, and you outsource, and
a customer site is involved in something like smurfing, you're
not going to know from whence the packets have come from.