who was the last legit spammer?

Hey, was discussing something from the long distant past recently.
Specifically it was my memory of the last legitimate spamhaus,
and how (IIRC) their backbone was DDoS'd as an act of pseudo-vigilante
justice. I also seem to remember their backbone as spinning it
as a content-neutral free-speech kind of thing, but they buckled
and the Internet was probably better off.

This isn't the kind of thing where one can make an easy google
query, but I'll bet you that someone here remembers a name that
would lead to a URL that I could forward to the person asking
for more info. TIA.

"Legit spammer"? Perhaps you're thinking of Sanford Wallace's cyberpromo and AGIS?


Kanter & Seagal's Green Card spam? I think they were the first
wide-spread spam. Anyone recall the year/date? I'm thinking 1993.

matthew black
network services
california state university, long beach

Define "legit" spammer. Do you mean one who was just advertising a
real product, albeit in an objectionable fashion, as opposed to those
who are trying to spread malware or commit fraud?

Matthew Black wrote:

Actually, I meant that they weren't using hacked machines and such;
basically, that they were "advertising" without directly breaking laws.

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