Who uses RADB? [was BGP to doom us all]

You forgot the other one - expense. AFAIK all of the registries have fees
or require you to be a customer. If there is no operational value

First problem, you see no "operational value".

for me why would I want to spend the money?

Money changing hands no longer makes the IRR a dis-interested third party
or research project, they now have a vested interested in object integrity
and availability, and perhaps can afford resources to support these and
other enhancements.

I realize most of you work for companies that consider a million dollars
chump change but that is not the case everywhere. If you can give me a
convincing reason to register my routes in a RADB I will - but at this
point I have yet to see it.

When one of your peers starts filtering inter-provider based on IRR and
your prefixes aren't permitted, or one of your peers advertises you more-
specifics for your customers prefixes, or better yet, your routers are
compromised and used to disrupt service to some now very unhappy multi-
million dollar online enterprise that will seek reimbursement -- maybe
that'll help convince you...

What does a RADB tell you about a non-transit network that you can't see
from BGP and WHOIS? There is no more security in RADB than there is in our
current method of notifying our peers of the netblocks we are announcing.

You should read up on it, there's a bit more capability there than just a
prefix and POC email address.