Who uses RADB? [was BGP to doom us all]

> Who actually uses RADB to build filters other than Verio? While my
> experience with other providers is limited Verio is the only one (of the
> ones we have used) who used RADB entries for BGP peers.

Level3 do atleast. Most European providers do.

For customers, though not inter-provider.


We use them..

as you say for customers only. Inter-provider we have basic bogon checking plus
maximum prefix. Its too unwieldy to build when you have peers exchanging
thousands of routes... theres a belief that the peer should be behaving
responsibly tho and this is a condition of most bilateral peering contracts.

Going back to the original topic on this thread I would expect a deliberate
attack on BGP routing to come from a customer not a provider such as Level3, if
they are filtering in turn to their customers we have a reasonable amount of
sanity checking going on