Who runs the net

Its not my intent to cause problems, just for the sake of causing
problems. I certainly don't want to go through all the blood-letting
that happened the last time around. But if no one has any intent of
"providing for the notification of the other party of all scheduled
maintenance that could cause significant connectivity degradation or
loss of connectivity at the Interconnection Point of more than five (5)
minutes" why bother with such a paragraph in the agreement signed by
the people supposedly setting the policy? When was the last time you
actually sent, or received such a notification from a network you
interconnect with?

We receive and send these regularly. Not only to our peers, but to our
customers. In fact, we include both our peers and our customers on the
same "major outage" notification list.

Yes, this is a plumber's list. But even plumbers have been known to
write to the the plumbing standards boards and say "Things have changed."

Here Here.

>They're probably wondering why those plumbers don't solve the problem with
>a piece of lead pipe. Of course they fail to realize that most of the
>plumbers are wearing earplugs and are wondering what all the fuss is

Then the building inspector shows up. But you don't want to go there.

We don't, but it's getting close. I believe IOPS is an attempt at the
creation of a "building inspector".