Who posts to the nanog list -- The top 59 players (Was not: Re: list problems?)

Hi all,

Somewhat related to the previous subject, but bringing it much closer to the operational aspects of the nanog e-mail list, I present this data....

It only took a few commands to build a count of articles posted to the nanog list over the last 17 months (Jan 2001 to the present day). I sorted them based upon the total count of messages (highest first).

I only included the first 59 names.

If the e-mail shows up with wrapped lines, then you can find the same information at http://www.mahtin.com/nanog-count.txt which should be easy to read in an unwrapped manner.

Note that as some people posting using different real-names in the SMTP headers, there are minor errors in this list. ( "bmanning" missed counting some of "Bill Manning" or "bill manning" posted messages and "Richard A. Steenbergen" and "Richard A Steenbergen" are really the same person). I can't help it if people change their e-mail setups. :wink:

Enjoy the data.


Hey Martin,

Humor the crew on a side-thread to this for us please...

If you increase the number from 59 to 100 will there be a female on the list?

Cheers, -ren


Nice list. Can we sort by helpful/clueful/relevant postings, and ask the
top 10 to post more frequently? :slight_smile:

(OTOH, suspect I would quickly drop down out of the top 100 ... =\ )