Who is covered [was VZ...]

I have the same question. No one will know for sure until the rules are
released, but my guess is it potentially covers more than people may
initially think.

For example, I would guess many ³transit² networks will be covered since
they also provide in many cases retail access to schools, hospitals,
government, business, etc. It¹s not much of a stretch to see how CDNs,
hosters, and others may be covered by at least parts of this, such as
transparency/policy disclosure, maybe measurement. Blocking, throttling,
and paid prioritization could also apply in some critical ways, especially
given the % of Internet traffic that uses CDNs for example.

Again, the key may be that there will be ambiguity that may only be sorted
out as case law develops around each of these areas. But IANAL so I¹m just
guessing like the rest of us for now! :wink:

- Jason

I think "terminating access monopoly" is (rightly IMO) the litmus test
for coverage, but I am not an attorney either...