Who is announcing bogons?

> > Looking at one log, the most persistant announcer of bogon space is
> > AS 4554 (Bill Manning), Net
> >
> > I don't know Mr. Manning's intentions, malicious or otherwise.
> as has been stated on this list several times over the past few years...
> net 39 was left in my care by my previous boss.

The Cymru Team lists as a bogon.

  yes they do.

Its a serious problem. Over the last two decades, records of
address assignments have been lost. Yes, its just a 32-bit number (or
16-bit number or 128-bit number). A missing registry record doesn't
cause a problem, unless someone starts blackholing routes or reusing

  yup. in addition to the missing records, we have folks
  who would like to re-write history by making changes to
  registry records without even basic checking in with the
  existing holders of the delegations.

While I think many of the bogons are mistakes, and some are due to
malicious activity; we need to recognize the limitations of our data
sources. If people are going to start blackholing previously allocated
address space, or sub-delegations, our data isn't that great. As the
saying goes, you can't prove a negative. We can confirm a positive

  you are correct, within limits. confirm with whom and when?