who gets a /32 [Re: IPV6 renumbering painless?]

> It would have been nice to make sctp be the standard stream protocol
> for ipv6.

yup. or at any rate, SOME kind of improvement in this area.

> For most nanog customers, there's still time.


> Those places that have already seen significant ipv6 adoption may
> need to upgrade again. If we wait much longer, of course, the
> opportunity will be lost.

that opportunity was lost when the preponderance of the iab and iesg was
refilled by folks who didn't know or care why TUBA hadn't been selected.

> To argue that it's already too late, when ipv6 is a small fraction
> of all traffic and an infinitesmal fraction of future traffic is,
> imho, foolish.

and yet it is. to declare that ipv6 will can have more than one flag day
is to declare that there could be more flag days which would have what
the law people call a "chilling effect". that can't be allowed to happen.

this is why the decision to kill a6/dname was so evil. not that it was
wrong, or made in a star chamber without consensus or transparency, but
that it was so perfectly timed to be irreversable. it's "review-proof."