who gets a /32 [Re: IPV6 renumbering painless?]

> I've run into very few enterprises that know they'd even be allowed to
> join an IX, much less actually interested in doing so.

Equinix would like to introduce the following peers to the GigE Exchange
peering fabrics:

- ASH: Walmart.com connected to the Ashburn GigE Exchange

You may not have met them but they're out there

> They'd rather pay
> one or two companies to drop big, fat pipes into their datacenter and
> collect on SLAs when something goes wrong.

We used to do that, we learned.

Very few, even in the Fortune
100, have the staff to handle their own BGP configs and keep things
running smoothly. Humans cost more money than they'd probably save on
transit, and the money often comes out of different pockets anyways.

Many CCIE(paper) end up in enterprises as they still have money and
networks large enough to need engineers. I'm sure plenty of them
are looking to keep the ISP section of their CV up to date by running
the enterprises BGP.

We also have enterprises doing BGP between each other on internal, non
internet, networks

Assumptions about what people should/will want to do are clouding
engineering judgment and making things like IPV6 unworkable