Whitelists for email going to hotmail/msn/yahoo?

Your company should . . . 1st explore using or getting your "own" Domain Name >Servers for your spamming as we have seen your mailers probing for recursive >servers on our networks and abusing other servers. 2nd apply for your own IP >space so that you can control your own PTR reverse records. Lastly, post in plain >site, your company's legal name(s) , addresses, telephone numbers and "Real" >contact points. Raise lots capital to pay for bandwidth and legal fees.


I dont work for Optimum online or a company that is using optimum online to do business as some of you have assumed. I happen to have a personal account
there which I use for personal email (like nanog) but also security related email
(my primary job focus is computer/network security) because I am not about to
ask questions about security from my company email address. That would be stupid.

My company does have its own DNS servers, owns its own IP space,
has PTR records for all externally accessible systems including email servers,
has correct whois data, and has a dedicated DS3 to our provider (Sprint). Its
a legit place.

Can anyone point me to other providers beside AOL that may be offering
whitelist services to legitimate businesses using email to send requested
email traffic to their clients?