Whitelists for email going to hotmail/msn/yahoo?


My company is currently exploring getting on AOL's
email spam whitelist since we do send a large amount of
email, but it is all requested by the people that get it
(confirmation of bill payments/financial transactions).

Are you aware of any of websites (like AOL's postmaster site) or
whitelists for Hotmail/MSN, Yahoo, and other large email providers?


Your company should . . . 1st explore using or getting your "own" Domain
Name Servers for your spamming as we have seen your mailers probing for
recursive servers on our networks and abusing other servers. 2nd apply for
your own IP space so that you can control your own PTR reverse records.
Lastly, post in plain site, your company's legal name(s) , addresses,
telephone numbers and "Real" contact points. Raise lots capital to pay for
bandwidth and legal fees.