Whisky & Cigars - NANOG 85

I’m uncertain if we have a time or space identified to do something akin to the RIPE Whisky BOF, so I thought I would put this out there for those that enjoy both Whisky and Cigars, or at least enjoy Whisky and can tolerate being in a a cigar lounge for a while.

There is a place called Stogies that is roughly 15 minutes walking distance from the hotel. I plan to be at Stogies at approximately 9pm on Tuesday (about an hour after Beer’n’Gear). Anyone interested in meeting other NANOG folks with these interests is welcome to come over at this time.

I enjoy whiskey but can’t handle cigar smoke. Let me know if you all decide to go to a smoke-free whiskey outing this week.

I’d be up for either. There are a couple of really good-looking whisky bars too.

Heading over to stogies now…

Not a bad selection here