While Bush fiddles, New Orleans dies

I absolutely am _not_ responsible in any way, shape, or
form, for those messages.

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the list, you have to admit -- I always send directly from
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- ferg

"Stephen J. Wilcox" <steve@telecomplete.co.uk> writes:

wheres the ops in this?

dont get me wrong, i'm sympathetic with new orleans and also
definitely not a bush supporter but this is verging on incitement
and i dont see the point of the post to here

My guess: someone who doesn't like Paul (and there are plenty of
people who have groused privately about his prolific posting of
current news stories) is trying to make him look bad (or doing a
savage parody, depending on how you look at it) by abusing the
http://www.tribuneinteractive.com/ "mail someone this story" feature.
Look at the headers... it was obviously sent by tribuneinteractive,
and it's pretty unlike Paul to do something like this.

So that's my hypothesis anyway. We'll wait till Paul is awake to be
able to confirm or deny it.


Apologies to the 'dawg..

perhaps those responsible would stop, its not very amusing


It would have been slightly more amusing if they'd been from Faul Perguson. At least that way it would have been totally clear it was spoof/forgery. I almost email'd Paul (note, not the list) to ask what these had to do with network operations.