Where's ?

Chris Bradley wrote:

Richard Parker wrote:

John R Levine wrote
>Where's ?
>Got a spam advertising a web page there, ARIN claims it's not allocated
>although all the space around it is. It routes through Tierranet.


Perhaps ARIN has reserved the entire /19 for TierraNet, but only
actually allocated the lower /20 to them? Perhaps TierraNet is
announcing their /20 as a /19 to get past Sprint's route filters?

ARIN policy for initial allocations to ISPs declares that a provider will be
allowed to temporarily announce a /19, when they have been allocated a /20.

Well...that explains why they're announcing a /19 when they've been
allocated a /20, but it leaves the question "Why do they have machines
with addresses in the top portion of the /19 announcement that are not
in the /20 they've been allocated?"


I don't think it's totally clear to the customers that when ARIN allocates
a /20 from a reserved /19, the customer isn't supposed to use the second

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