Where to put our router

Good afternoon (or whatever it is for you ;),

We have just finished moving a large amount of equipment to a new facility outside of downtown Chicago. At present we have an uplink via a point-to-point to Equinox downtown. We are preparing to add another provider, and are debating where we should put our router. The two options would be in Equinox downtown (co-located with our existing provider) or at the new facility. Were we to do the former we would turn our existing point-to-point into our connection from our edge router to our distribution switch and add a second point-to-point for redundancy from the distro switch back to the router. Were we to do the latter we would get a second point-to-point direct from our new provider to their network and connect it to our router where it is now.

The major advantage I can think of to having it in Equinox is the availability of cross connects to just about anyone. There are a few providers in the new facility, but not many. The major disadvantage is that if we suddenly need a large amount of transport (i.e. a new large client, a definitive short-term possibility) we would either need to get a new or additional point-to-point from downtown to the facility or would need to get another router to utilize at the new facility (were we to meet up with one of the in-building providers instead of getting the point-to-point transport).

Any thoughts related to the advantages or disadvantages of doing one or the other would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Jake Mertel
Nobis Technology Group, L.L.C.