Where to buy Internet IP addresses

> > LEdouard Louis wrote:
> > > Optimum Online business only offer 5 static IP address.
> > >
> > > Where can I buy a block of Internet IP address for Business? How much
> > > does it cost?
> >
> > Only five? Really? Our basic residential users get 18 quintillion
> > addresses, and business users get 65536 times that many. Tell them you
> > need a few more. :slight_smile:
> Actually residential users do. One /64 is not enough. On
> can argue about whether a /56 or a /48 is appropriate for
> residential users but a single /64 isn't and residential
> ISP's should be planning to hand out more than a single /64
> to their customers.

How many home users (or even small businesses) have more than one subnet at
the moment (behind NAT, presumably)? As a percentage of subscribers, what
does that equate to?

  I know on quite a few none geek households that have multiple
  nets today using double or triple NAT. These households
  will be your multi-subnet IPv6 customers. The NAT boxes
  will be replaced with ones that do DHCPv6 PD (both up and
  down stream).

Handing out an IPv6 /56 to a DSL or cable customer should be handled much
the same way as giving them an IPv4 /29 is today -- ask, and it shall be
provided, but it's wasteful[1] to do so by default.

  One won't hand out a /56. Think about how the above CPE
  boxes will work with PD. You will get multiple /64 requests
  from the border CPE box with different IAID on them, one
  for each subnet in use. The border CPE box could also
  consolidate the requests from downstream if it so desired
  but I would expect that would not be the default configuration.