Where there's a nanog thread there'll be a vendor solution .. Re: Ethical DDoS drone network

I cant believe this .. http://www.iprental.com

Looks like anonymizer combined with what looks almost like a "rent a
botnet", legit nodes (you sign up to download a client that makes you
part of this botnet, etc)


Speaking of a "commercial botnet"", there was something similar
earlier - but that was a "download this bulk mailer" type operation,
guys called Atriks, who got tracked so extensively by spamhaus that
they seem to have kind of disappeared now.


This is new to you? Polymorphic anonymizers have been a way of life
for a while now.


I just thought I'd cite an example. These have been around for a
while, as you say.

I cant believe this .. http://www.iprental.com

sheesh! and i thought the rirs had a monopoly on ip address rental. :slight_smile:


I watched the 'Demo Video' and the addresses shown were from AT&T and Comcast space. Any idea of what space they might be from in real life or is that part of their secret sauce?



J.Random ADSL / cable space I dare say. Though what said cable / adsl
SPs would have to say about "reselling of service is an AUP violation"
is anybody's guess :slight_smile: