What's wrong with Exodus?

Every post I see from you has something to do with what's wrong with
Exodus. Why is that?

Wow, how observant of you. I'm truly impressed.

Let's see... This is a security/operations-related thread. One of the
suspected origins of naughtiness is an Exodus customer. I, too, an an
Exodus customer. Believe it or not, I have information/insight
(regarding the nature of these attacks, and how to contact someone at
Exodus who cares) worth sharing.

Then give it, without the editorial comments on how terrible Exodus
is. We all know you're an unhappy customer, which leads me to ask
why you're still a customer. Personally, I take my business somewhere
else when I'm unhappy with the service someone is providing. Unless
of course you just like to whine.

As for the current situation, if *I* were an Exodus customer I sure as
hell wouldn't want them releasing information about me to some random
person that requests it. You provide Exodus with a court order and I'm
sure they'll be happy to give you whatever information you want. I
always thought that was standard practice for an ISP. If your privacy
standards are less, I'll make sure not to do business with you.

If you think my bitching is a futile attempt to spread dirt, collapse
Exodus, and impoverish Ellen Hancock and pals, think again...

Your next paragraph seems to indicate otherwise.

Looks like the phraseology of my original post may be to blame for
this misunderstanding. For the record: I do *not* think Exodus should
reveal any private customer-specific information, unless authorized to do
so by the customer.

Call me idealistic, but, at the same time, I think Exodus (or *ANY NOC*
for that matter), when contacted, should try to offer some assistance
(especially given the huge widespread nature of this event),
even if the machine jeopardized is not their own.

Then again, SWIP'ed customer assignments would be of some assistance, too.

According to Exodus's abuse@exodus.net autoresponder:
"We will investigate to determine if there has been a violation. If there
has, we will contact our customer and require that the violating activity
cease. If a violation does not cease, we will terminate our customer's
service pursuant to our rules of service."

It's been ~ 48 hours, AFAIK. And, according to a post to inet-access, the
tickling from has not stopped. C'est not so good.