What's up at AOL?

They've been accepting email only occasionally for a few days now.

We're on FBL, check reputation is good/green.

Sometimes we get DYN:T2 (according to AOL that's their code for it's
our, AOL's, problem), sometimes just various forms of try later,
Service not available, deferred, etc. typically after the DATA is sent
so MAIL FROM and RCPT TO are ok or no error.

I did get one response from postmaster@aol.com which said it was all
fixed yesterday which it was for several hours and today thousands of
msgs backed up for them again.

I am just asking if anyone knows what's going on even in general

That is, should we stop fussing with this (everyone's hosed w/ AOL
this week?) or is it just us?

It's probably not just you. It's been happening intermittently to many
people since December 26. See, for example:


And lots of recent, not-too-helpful Twitter conversations like:


We saw this problem on December 26, 27, and 28, and are now seeing it
again for the last 3 hours.

There was a note on the mailop list Dec 27 that mentioned they were
unofficially having a malware/virus issue but not much further.

Any chance this is related to the NoVa fiber outage being discussed on Outages?

-- jra

Not related. With the best non-answer I can muster right now: I decided not
to reply after Peter replied. -- Jay Moran