what's up, AlterNIC?

> A wide variety of mischief has been practiced of late by Eugene
> Kashpureff and company. If you want to be immune to it, upgrade to
> bind 4.9.6 (or 8.1.1) ASAP.

Should we ask Vixie to add them to the black hole feed

as much as i would love to just remove from the net anyone i disagree with,
i don't leglislate generic morality using the black hole routing feed. the
only people on it, now or ever, are those who persist in sending or relaying
unsolicited nonpersonal e-mail.

injecting intentionally bad dns data is perhaps even a greater crime, but i
refuse to pollute the black hole list with entities who aren't spammers.

(which he never seems
to feed, sigh)?

you don't know the half of it. i've got 25 people receiving the feed and
another 50 to add.