What's really going on in Lower Manhattan

Ok I’m a totally confused person right about now, my company has several circuits that we are being told by Verizon have been declared non repairable and that we need to order new, but on the same note they are carrying on about having restored service to most customers? Do they consider telling people to order new circuits as repaired??

Secondly we carry 2 DSL connections one with AT&T and one with UUNET, both of them claim that Covad is the problem, yet Covad right on their web site is boasting that service to NYC has been restored. When confronted they say “It’s a Verizon issue”.

Does anyone know what is really going on?

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In the immortal words of Mike Moglin (mike@jungle.net):

   Does anyone know what is really going on?

Having recently (last night) taken a quick stroll by as close to
ground zero as civilians are currently allowed to get (*) and gotten a
hard look at the area, I'm going to say with some confidence: no,
nobody actually knows what's really going on. Probably least of all

There's still a lot of digging to do, quite literally. Don't expect a
straight answer or even a moderately plausible lie out of Verizon for
a few more weeks at least.


(*) the intersection of Broadway and Cortland has been set up as a de
    facto tourist corral

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The last time I was driving through downtown (last wed) I happen to stop
next to a verizon trunk with a couple of techs.

Phrases like, "We have no idea" and "could be many weeks" and "We still
can't get into the basement" were flying around.