Whatever happened to intelligence in the applicattion [Was: Re: Th e Qo s PipeDream]

I certainly don't endorse placing _all_ of the intelligence
in the application, but look at it this way -- if you expect
to have a 'stupid' CPE handset rely on 'intelligence' in the
network for voice quality, you're probably going to be disappointed.

And no amount of leveraging smoke-and-mirror QoS frobs to generate
additional revenue will help you out.



- ferg

Doesn't anyone really remember the whole smart-v.-stupid network
analogy? Not meaning to start a flame war here, but trying to stick
all of the intelligence back into the network is not exactly a win-win

Trying to stick it all in the application is not exactly a win-win
proposal either. The problem with religious dogma is it leads to
a lot of burning people at the stake, for more stupid analogies.

Finding the right blend of what applications can do well, what the network
can do well, and how they interact is the challange.

For example, smart applications don't handle DDOS attacks very well, and
regardless of how much network capacity you provision, there is always a
DDOS that is bigger.

You'd have to convince them first that they need to care about QoS and all its gory details rather than whether it works or not at a price they're willing to pay. There's a fundamental disconnect here. :wink: If you have to deploy QoS to make a service happen, no volume customer is going to care. And the cost vs margins game has always looked pretty frightening to me every time I've been near those trying to erect a business case for it.

Too many people know too little about the fundamental mechanics of networking (even though they all believe they do) to make an accurate decision about whether their choices of dealing with capacity (pick whatever real time metric you want, to me delay/jitter is a capacity function and nothing less) vs dealing with QoS is the right choice. But the glossy slideware looks so impressive. *sigh*

I'm much reminded of how, by some accounts, we were all supposed to live in a CoS'ified SVC to the brainstem world a few years back.

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