What you don't want to hear from a peer

I think its safe to post this now... the AS who asked me this now seems
to be gone. Keep in mind we're just a po' little school under the El in
Chicago and the network asking was a seemingly large Central/South
American provider who was bringing in an OC12 to AADS (compared to our
OC3). Maybe it'll help start the weekend with a smile.

  John .

  I have two question if you can help me .

  1) Do we have to use the bgp-password ?

  2) Can depaul adv our asn's and Ip out , We are almost dead in the
     water ,we have 20 peers but no traffic , we need 3M is that
     possible ?


Smile for now; it probably won't last. The Windows DCOM exploit that was
released today, works perfectly. BTW, how many residential networks (worm
fodder) really need port 135/tcp open, anyway?

And I thought I would have time to split some cordwood today. Rats.