what will all you who work for private isp's be doing in a few years?

Alexei Roudnev wrote:

What I can't understand is why multicast hasn't just gone gangbusters into
use yet. I see it as a really pent-up capability that, in light of

Because multicast standards was written by academic idiots. -:slight_smile: Very
difficult to use and full of unused features.

(Do not believe? Read RSVP protocol - not exactly multicast but not far away
from it).

And because multicast protocols (unfortunately) are not easy to implement.
It excuse this standards and their authors.

I can predict one more 'skype' like company, with really robust protocol,
catching multicast market. Something like 'peer to peer multicast' -:).

Don't be too quick to assess the usage and value of multicast in last mile access
networks, where it has found far greater success than over the Internet proper
across the WAN. IP- and ATM- based multicast has worked very well for the past
five years in telco VDSL (check out Next Level's implementations during the late
nineties), and now in all manner of xDSL implementations, as well as a number of
cable operator service applications in the digital region of their spectrum, for
program video delivery to homes. Check it out.

Frank A. Coluccio
DTI Consulting Inc.

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Last mile usage? May be, but it is not supported by many consumer level
firewalls/NAT's/DSL devices, cheap switches and so on.

I agree, it is most likely usage for it (multicast) - last mile and 'last
patch' -:).

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