What is SPAM? - was Re: Legislative Relief - was Re: Motion...

It is a meat-like substance which is delivered in a tin can. It can be quite
good for breakfast with eggs if you can stand the grease content.

I don't think it looks like meat. It's sort of a pink, semi-homogenous,
gelatinatious mass. I think Hormell (tm) uses SPAM as an acronym
for Sorta Pink And Mutilated but I digress :wink:

spam: Any posting which contains an advertisement of a product.

You mean like your email .sig?

posting: Any peice of electronic material found either in a UseNet NewsGroup,
    public mailing list (listserv), or a private mailing list.

You mean like this message?

I don't really think you're message was spam. I was making a point.

I really don't see what the big deal is in all this.

I think you are right that EVENTUALLY people will realize that spam
is bad for business. In the meantime, if people can find technical
solution, that's great. If they can't I certainly don't want to
get the lawyers involved. SPAM is bad, but some cures are worse
than the disease,


Sig included as a reference