What *are* they smoking?

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

I abandoned them a long time ago, but the big question is, how
can we get rid of them as root servers operators? Sounds like
time to push for more independent servers, and a truly separate
company to handle the root server portion of .com/.net. They
could still exist as a registrar, but with these kind of business
practices, how long? Probably not very, so I'd expect them to
fight it tooth and nail.

Point out to Herr Ashcroft that they are "supporting pron" by
selling domain names.

Or have pictures of their lobbyist passing out money to
GOP HillCritters.

Failing that, rotsaruck. They have the money to spread around.

Hmm, here's an idea -- can we play them off against the $cientology
Cult somehow? That would be a good T-Rex vs Raptor fight to watch!