What are people using for IPAM these days?

Title says it all... Currently using IPPlan, but it is kinda antiquated..


Netbox (https://github.com/digitalocean/netbox) is our choice. Can be completely API driven, has a lot of DCIM type functionality as well.

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Hey Mike,

Title says it all... Currently using IPPlan, but it is kinda antiquated..

This is always a good thing to review every 2-3 years or so.

My current favorites in the open source world are:

Netbox - GitHub - netbox-community/netbox: The premier source of truth powering network automation. Open source under Apache 2. Public demo: https://demo.netbox.dev
NIPAP - NIPAP - the best open source IP address management (IPAM) in the known universe
ed - ed(1) - OpenBSD manual pages :wink:

Give a few of the IPAMs out there a chance and just see which one
suits your operational procedures best! (Though, using a spreadsheet
file on a shared network drive is still not recommended.)

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Many options available -

1. DNSBOX - does IPAM, DHCP and DNS Management, thinking of those RDNS.

2. Infloblox - relatively same as (1) difference being cost

3. A couple of open source vendors - netbox, phpIPAM,

List never runs out - Solarwinds too has an IPAM feature.

Solarwinds IPAM is our choice primarily since we use their other
suites/modules already

We use InfoBlox for IPAM but we also use InfoBlox for DHCP and DNS

I am told by someone who has used it that Diamond IP is fantastic
But good luck getting your jaw off the floor after they tell you the


One more open source option:



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+1 for Netbox.

Finding a decent, maintained IPAM is one thing, but migrating is another - do any of these have an easy path from IPPlan?


I think lot of these are missed opportunities. There shouldn't really
be IPAM, there should number management system, where number
presentation, range and such are plugins. So IPv4, IPv6 are just small
plugins to the generic system. Just the same you could add RT, RD,
VLAN, Interface, PseudowireID, PVC etc allocator as separate plugin,
fully leveraging the generic infrastructure and UX. Over time the
plugin infra would be extended, and as API/UX gains features, all
number systems get them for free.

+1 for Netbox.

Literally for years, I managed a /9 and a v6 /26 in a text file checked
into a vanilla source code control system. Sophistication need depends on
your frequency of updates, dynamic allocations and regulatory needs ( read
RIR). For low turn over assignments, you may not need much.

The options Job and Jordi point to are good. The open source options are
always a go to IMHO. YMMV.

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PHPIpam, but I do find there to be a lack of current documentation.

I find lots of people are using either 6connect or InfoBlox.

YMMV. Both have good IPv6 support.


Using BT Diamond IPControl.
For a larger provider with a lot of blocks and multiple groups using IP space you can't beat it.
It has a lot of enterprise features that others lack such as automation call-outs and overlapping space allocations.
If you can afford it, you will not go wrong. It really is the great.

I have also worked with spreadsheets, homegrown systems, 6connect and a few others.
If you are managing more than a thousand IPs allocations spreadsheets are not manageable for IPv4.
Structured IPv6 can be managed out of spreadsheets with little to no issues well beyond that since it is structured.

6connect is better than infoblox in my opinion but everyone has a different style of IP management.
If you are going for free or low cost there are plenty out there but they don't have the features of more expensive options.

+1 for a generic number management system, but I haven't seen such a thing.


+1 for PHPIPAM.
It's incredibly easy to modify and follow the code, and very lightweight.
The simple import and export options make managing large blocks very easy for us.


While there are many good options, I prefer 6Connect personally. Lots of hooks to let you automate things (not just which device has which IP address, much more), cheap as hell, and support is unbeatable.

Indeed, 6connect is awesome. Infoblox is great but in this forum, I doubt anyone will be using the DNS/DHCP and threat feed components of the platform (it’s not built for very large provider space).


+1 for phpipam here as well.
Allows decent amount of customization as well since code is opensource.
Used it in production for managing heavy amount of provisioning/testing.
Integrates with pdns well if required.