Westnet and Utah outage


  You make some very important points through your frustration,
the most key of which is this one: "...if someone points a finger
at your competitor, don't be too happy about it. You may be next".

  Unfortunately with the available technology and labour pool,
there is no entity which could provide a very clean global Internet,
period. There is no organization you can pay more money to that
will improve your general-case performance, unless your general-case
utilization is really much more like a VPN than the Internet.

  That is to say, if what you're looking for is high performance
to sites X, Y and Z, and OK current-Internet performance to
everywhere else, there are several options open to you, one of
which is putting X, Y, and Z on a VPN and hooking each of these
sites individually to the Internet. This is something that
Sprint Managed Router Networks does all the time and is very
good at, and is essentially what (modulo policy) the vBNS is for.

   However, with respect to the Internet, anybody who tells
you that they can provide a better quality of service,
connectivity-wise, than their equivalent competitors is
either lying or in for a really big shock.

   As to your other points, I'm not sure how to address
them, but I think you probably have some ideas you'd be
willing to share... :slight_smile: