West Orange

http://www.state.nj.us/dep/srp/bust/ess.htm sez:

AVE 94-08-01-1446 0205111 NFA-A BUSTC 12/6/9 DFB

Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

Is it any wonder the FBI is having fits over the EPA's plan to release
toxic chemical site information? Underground fuel storage tanks often
indicate "interesting" sites with large backup generators. Although the
FBI's efforts are a bit late, anyone with a LEXIS account can do a property
search and locate most 'owned' sites. Now that InternetMCI/C&W is a
co-locate tenant, its actually harder to find their sites. Although for
the near-term future it shouldn't be too hard to guess :slight_smile:

Property easements for cable routes are on file too, but I don't know
of a comprehensive commercial database for them yet. However, you can
get a pretty good idea by picking up any atlas of railroad routes. On
the other hand, now there is a single toll-free number you can call, and
a helpful person will come out and mark their exact location at no charge.

Both the EPA toxic information and the One-call cable marking are the
result of laws passed by the US federal government. The law of unintended
consequences takes on a whole new meaning.