West Coast broken / Sprint problems

Got confirmation from my Sprint service manager that there's
a fairly major cut. I quote,

  "Currently, Sprint has been impacted by a major network
event (fiber cut) on the West Coast. This fiber cut has
impacted both data and voice services. I will provide updates

This was followed up about 8 minutes later with, "The fiber
cut occurred outside of Phoenix. The fiber techs should have
arrive at 4pm CT."

More updates from my contact at Sprint and there's some interesting
factoids in here:

  "There are some locations east of the Rockies that are
experiencing issues. Sprint network control centers have multiple
bridges activated and are exploring restoration opportunities. 1,401
DS3s and 42 Sonet Rings impacted. We have 3+ fiber techs at the cut
site. It has not been confirmed if this is impacting multiple

He followed up at 1717 Central to add, "20 of the 40 have been restored.
I was told the other 20 should be restored within an hour. I am trying
to confirm the ETR and to ensure it includes all the ds3s."

BTW, our Sprint DS3 came back up about 15 minutes ago.
Olsen, Jason wrote: