Weird thing happening

I have been looking at some stats on a router and I am seeing high
utilization between 2 routers, I am seeing utilization on one interface
of about 60megs up and down, when the aggregate of all other interfaces
is about 13megs up and down. The routers that I am using are a
Riverstone 8600 and a Redback sms500, these have been in production for
over a year and have not had this problem before. I have made sure that
the rate-limiting for icmp,snmp,bgp,ospf and rip are set down to under a
meg (for now). These 2 routers are directly connected, and I am not
seeing a lot of broadcast traffic. If someone has some in-sight on what
is happening please let me know. Also this happened to me yesterday on a
different set of routers w/ the same configuration and nothing has been
changed. The problem just sort of fixed itself. I would think it's a Dos
or DDOS but my inet interfaces are not getting more that like is 13megs
up and down. I have done the obvious like reboot, incase and interface
is jabbering and cables test out. I would not be so perplexed at this
issue if it happened all the time or only happened on one set of
routers, but this seems to be an isolated incident but not so isolate
because it has happened on another set of routers (one Riverstone and on
Redback again).

P.S. Speeds and Duplex match.

Dale Levesque

Routing loop? Try some traceroutes.

Tony Rall

Figured it out, it was a stupid mistake on my end. I forgot I shut down
a customer (For Spamming) in the colo, but did not null black hole his
route so it was sending it to my router that normal handles my customer
termination for our Wireless net. And because his spam was successful he
was getting enough traffic that it caused this loop to happen to me. I
actually had it solved right after the post.
Thanks again to everyone that responded.