WebTV.Net: Censorship Central?

If Paul will add to the RBL


Merit will use the RBL

I'll bet many NANOG readers would buy a WebTV unit just to get rid of

Bob, many pray that you would be added to the RBL, nightly as a matter
of fact, before supplications for ones own health.

Drop it.

---Bob Allisat wrote:


Microsoft's Web TV Network, with hundreds of thousands of


uses the real-time black hole list censorship software. Very


since it niether tells it's clients their mail and WWW is being


nor offers them the choice as to whether or not to allow this


Outside their lame anti-spam statement there is no indication of any
censorship anywhere else <http://www.webtv.net/antispam/&gt;\.

Perhaps the people using WebTV would appreciate knowing the fact that
Web TV censors their access. Or, even better, maybe Web TV could


them the choice as to whether their black list is off or on (default
to off). I'd be royally pissed off if I used WebTV and found out


thing I did was behind some one fellow's idea of right and wrong.