Webinar on LibreQos June 14rh

We are doing an hour long deep dive webinar on LibreQos June 14th, courtesy of the APNIC Academy, with an astounding 196 signups so far. We are pushing multiple terabits of traffic around the world through it now, not just for ISPs, but for MDUs, post VPN processing, upstream DIY circuits, on everything from DSL to fiber.

As an open source, eBPF based transparent bridge, it only takes a few minutes to install in-band, and be able to pull stats about your networks’ behaviors that you’ve never seen before, and then apply the best shaping and bufferbloat-beating code in the world to it.

Sign up here: https://academy.apnic.net/en/events?id=a0BOc000000Pgk1MAC - especially if you have been deploying fq_codel or cake, replacing brittle policers, etc, etc.

We have a very popular chat too: https://chat.libreqos.io/join/fvu3cerayyaumo377xwvpev6/

PS The upcoming v1.5 release of libreqos is about 30% faster (example: pushing over 60Gbits through a $1500 Ryzen box), which is enough for 10s of thousands of customer networks on the other side of it. We have the ability to model and debloat complicated networks 8 hops deep, or along a troublesome edge, new support for emitting netflow, and quite a few other useful things in that release. and we hope to put it into beta by the end of this month, or earlier.

Please come to the webinar to see the latest code, live, in production!


</blatant advert>

I am in general deliriously happy with the stability, and performance of this stuff and the growth of uptake worldwide over the last 6 months, (and also watching starlink get thoroughly debloated a few months back was a real high, tho they just used fq and something codel-ly not LibreQos)

Y’all are just minutes and minor CAPEX away from a vastly better internet.