Webcast Friday: ISOC HK - After World IPv6 Day, what's next?

Many viewers worldwide were able to watch live the Internet Society Hong
Kong Chapter's excellent "*Kickstart IPv6*!" event on World IPv6 Day, Jun 8
2011, via the Internet Society Chapters Webcasting Channel. Archived at

We are happy to announce the webcast of the followup event "*After World
IPv6 Day, what's next?*" tomorrow *Friday Sep 2 2011*. Time is *2pm-5pm HKT
= 0600-0900 UTC = 0200-0500 EDT*.

*Moderator*: Charles Mok, ISOC-HK

*Guest speakers*:
Erik Kline, IPv6 Software Engineer, Google, JP
Jason Fesler, Senior Principal Architect, Yahoo!, US
Martin Levy, Director IPv6 Strategy, Hurricane Electric, US
Kevin Yin, Head of CTO Office, Great China, Cisco Systems & Commissioner of
IPv6 Forum, China

*View online*: http://www.livestream.com/internetsocietychapters/

*More info*: http://www.ipv6world.asia/event.php

What, of course, we will all be wondering is if the date of the next "test
flight" will be announced. At the recent "IPv6 Now!" event in New York with
ISOC's Phil Roberts it was suggested that a date had already been selected.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCXTqJMMrM8