Web UI DHCP Option 82

Are there any web interfaces out there for DHCP servers that accommodate management of DHCP option 82 configs? Neither webmin nor Glass seem to handle ISC’s agent.circuit-id outside of presenting the raw config file. I can do that just fine in nano, but I’m looking at something more user-friendly so I’m not the only one that can work on it.

I’m also cheap, so not looking at Infoblox or anything like that.

SimpleDNS is a Windows-based DNS server that has an extensive web API. You try out the HTTP API at https://simpledns.com/swagger-ui

You could build some simple PHP pages to provide whatever DHCP Options configuration you like.



Take a look into Kea from ISC. The config is JSON based, which allows for nearly any scripting language to make changes, or you can dig into how it works with MySQL for dynamic operation (https://kea.isc.org/wiki/HostReservationsHowTo).


Mike, I am looking for the same thing. Does Mikrotik have the ability to do what you are requesting?

There's no GUI but I'll second the Kea recommendation.

I just had a brain fart a moment ago, PHPMyAdmin is an option if you want to create a number of MySQL users that have access to the same table.

Sysadmins hate this one simple trick!