web CGIs for Bay Networks routers?

Jon Green writes:

>Has anybody written any web CGIs for Bay Networks routers that they'd like to
>share with me?
>I'm looking for something that either extracts the data from the SNMP MIB or
>from the Technician Interface via telnet, simple stuff like displaying the
>IP routing table, the BGP routes, etc. Site Manager under MS-Windows is just
>too slow and painful for doing this routine kind of stuff.....

A simpler way would be to just telnet to the router and type
'show ip routes' or 'show bgp routes' (or for a different look,
'ip routes' and 'ip bgp routes'). I guess you could try to automate
that into a CGI script, but what's the point, if speed is what you're
looking for?

For my personal use, a manual telnet will suffice. But I also want to provide
certain information to other people without having to give them the telnet
password, so I was wondering if somebody had already done a Bay version of the
Cisco thing at: