Web Cache Question

This is purely an effort to discover the cause of a recent problem that
has surfaced inside our organization. About the time the whole web
cacheing/digex issue broke here, the organization I work for began
experiencing unstability in IIS4 web servers that provide real time
market data via the internet to customers all over the world. These
servers show an incredible increased rate in FIN_WAIT connections,
compared against the amount they used to show on average (literally one
week ago.) It is a problem because the inetinfo process simply stops
responding. My question is this: is it possible there are web cacheing
servers still in-line with major transit providers that we don't know
about? If these servers exist: do they all operate on the premise of
spoofing the source address as coming from the client, or would I
actually see the cacheing servers source address? At this point, the
only evident proxies in a server netstat are from AOL, but this is
nothing new. The real increase in unexplained stale sockets are from
random source addresses (spoofed?). Again, this mail is solely for the
purpose of troubleshooting an exasperating, unexplained problem, not a
blame the cache mail, so no return spam please. Any thoughts or recent
similar experience sharing would be greatly appreciated.

Jayson Anderson
An Organization

The only proxie /web cache on the market that could have spoofed the
source address was vixie's and it is not in any backbone scenarios to the
best of my knowledge - plus it wouldn't have caused a problem - you would
have never known it was there in your instance.