watchdog of BIND server

Hi ,

currently, I run named with -f option. As named is
started at system boot time, a starting up script hang
around console is a possible problem for system
administration & security.

Is there any configurable watchdog of BIND server
deamon? E.g. once it found named is down, it will
shutdown network interface to make the server out of
anycast group.



BIND 9 is pretty good at watching itself; it's overwhelmingly likely to dump core with an assertion failure if it finds itself becoming unwell. Starting it with -f and wrapping that invocation with a pair of ifconfigs is what I suggested in the following document (which it sounds like may be what you are doing):

You could supplement that wrapper script with a script that runs out of cron that kills named if it doesn't respond properly to queries. If you do that, though, I would take care to make sure your criteria for deciding that the process is hung is conservative, lest you wind up with a named that gets killed before it can properly start.