Waste will kill ipv6 too

:: Isn't this the utopia we've been seeking out?

I like that one! :slight_smile:


All I was trying to say is there're going to be things
not thought of yet that will chew up address space
faster than ever before now that everyone believes it's
essentially inexhaustible. And, I expect, sooner than


If that's the case, it will be because there were few restrictions placed upon that address space.

And if some genius comes up with something that burns through all the IPv6 address space, you can rest assured the market (and not the IETF) will come up with a replacement that extends things beyond 128 bits in a ripping big hurry.

Peripherally, it's worth noting that, in far less time then we have not migrated from IPv4 to IPv6, the UK moved from 7-digit to 11-digit telephone numbers. If that's not embarrassing ...


Like IPv6 came along in a "ripping big hurry"? It's been over 20 years, and I still don't have a commercial ISP providing me IPv6. And my home connection doesn't get v6 because the lame idiots at Earthlink never gave TWC any of the dozens of prefixes they own but don't announce.

(and the twc link at work... (a) "not enabled on the headend", and (b) doesn't work through a Ubee)