WashingtonPost computer security stories

Note these appear to be WINDOWS security articles.
I've not found a mention of non-windows vulnerabilities..


Maybe you should browse through the SANS archives, plenty of bind, sendmail,
apache, nfs, etc. exploits..

The problem with *nix, is more with misconfiguration then coding flaws, but
this should not be underestimated. Given the current tendency towards global
outsourcing, the people with the required skills to properly
configure/maintain server systems, are often the same people who find
themselves on the front lines of sweeping company layoffs, as their jobs are
outsourced to inexperienced and under qualified support personnel.
A large computer company I once worked for, recently laid off their UNIX
frontline. They outsourced the entire department, and the outsourcing
company hired people off the street to fill the positions.
A colleague had told me that the interview for this job was just a meet and
greet, there was no technical requirement, and no experience necessary. In
fact, he had to train his replacements, and sadly, many of them did not
posses even the most basic skills, let alone the ability to configure and
troubleshoot terabyte sized storage systems.
As for Linux for the home user, well.. it is getting better, but has a long
way to go before it becomes as polished and intuitive as XP.
Overall I would have to say XP serves its purpose well. It is easy to use,
highly automated, and if maintained well - a stable OS.
As for my detractors, I would argue that I don't feel using MS has caused me
to lose my mental acuity, devalued my engineering skills, or caused me any
sustained brain damage. It is just a choice, and as far as my personal pc
goes, I prefer the clear facility and simplicity of XP.