Warning: Cisco RW community backdoor.

In the referenced message, Sean Donelan said:

> ----- Forwarded message from "James A. T. Rice" <jamesr@rd.bbc.co.uk> -----
> If your router responds to `snmpwalk router.isp.net.uk ILMI`, you
> probabally will want to do the following to disable it:
> conf t
> snmp-server community ILMI RO 99
> access-list 99 deny any log
> (pick another spare access-list if 99 isn't available)

should be RW not RO

Anyone with a Smartnet contract have a response from Cisco yet? I really
need to get my own Smartnet number.

Cisco was supposed to announce the data tomorrow as I understand it, the
leaks (as they often do) just made the word-of-mouth->closed lists->open
lists trek far quicker.

I'm a bit surprised, however, that it took this long. First rumblings
I heard were weeks ago, in response to it poking up in a "show snmp group".